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Meet the team with Xtreme and more Team members to be added

Terry Roan


 2018 Steak Cook Off Assoc. World Champion  

Kay Helms


B Xtreme BBQ 

You want the man in charge or the 

Woman that knows whats going on

Danny Helms


 B Xtreme BBQ 

Founder and Owner

Team Xtreme Members

Carlos Calzada


 Don't let this rookie fool you he can cook and win he has a die hard passion for bbq and steak 

Richard Layne


 NEW Blood. coming up the ranks winning some great competitions in steak and bbq

Shawna Jo Roppolo


 She ain't just a girl , look out a fierce competitor in the pits and grill. 

Ben Blanton


 from Forney, TX! He and his Original PK took first place at the Turnkey Series Azle Double Steak Showdown. 

Jamie Geer


 One of the original's in cooking in the pits and making them also. 



 Ben, Annie & Emyrson are a great family with a passion for cooking at home or competition   

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Bill and Pam Mann, Pit of Heaven Cooking Team


 These fine folks are in Alabama and give us a representation in that part of the USA 

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